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Why Mazda Motor Corporation is a good investment

When buying a company as an investor you take a risk.  As a value investor, we try to mitigate these risks by understanding the underlying value of a company.  If a company were to liquidate, their value in liquidation would be determined by their net tangible assets or their net asset value. By understanding the net tangible asset value, we can determine what our margin of safety is.  If a company’s market capitalization is lower, then it’s net asset value it is trading at a discount.  If a company’s net tangible assets are double the market capitalization of the company that means for every dollar of equity you buy you get $1.5 in assets.  That represents a 50% return on capital.  Therefore, Mazda MZDAY: (%) represents an attractive investment at its current price. I will liquidate my position in this company after its market capitalization reaches its net asset value.  At a 50% discount on tangible assets, I would be hard pressed to find a more attractive use of my capital. 

2 thoughts on “Why Mazda Motor Corporation is a good investment

  1. Classic value investing! Value hasn’t really held up well against growth investing in the long bull market but it is sure to revert to mean over the next decade.

    A tip and request: include the ticker symbol when you write about a stock or fund. That way, readers can get a price quote and check the options chain on Yahoo or Google Finance and even enter an order at their broker.

  2. Good job

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