Why I liquidated SPY

Recently I liquidated my holding in SPY realizing a decent return. Why did I choose do this? Well, my investment philosophy, which is closely aligned with Buffett’s (hopefully), is rooted in investing for value. Purchasing companies that are trading at a substantial discount to intrinsic value, book value, or earnings is central to this philosophy.  In my […]

Recommended Reading

Fooled By Randomness

Success and Markets have an overarching connection: both are random. Fooled by Randomness does an excellent job conveying the randomness and luck involved in being successful.  Through brilliant story telling Nasim Taleb offers a powerful argument concerning the lucky success of traders.  Through his use of statistics, he systematically disregards speculators whom tout successful track-records.  By discrediting […]


The 2019 recession: Why it’s here.

The 2019 recession: Why it’s  coming. Two years out is when I’m worried about,” said Dalio. “It’ll be more of a dollar crisis than a debt crisis, and I think it’ll be more of a political and social crisis.  -Ray Dalio September 2018 Introduction:  Two-thirds of business economists in the U.S. expect a recession to begin by […]


Wendy Needs International Markets

Wendy’s opportunity lies in the International markets  Wendy’s Capital Allocation Program dooms the future of Wendy’s performance  The domestic market is Competitive, and Wendy will cede market share to smaller more versatile companies    Wendy’s is the sixth largest QSR business in the United States with systemwide sales exceeding nine billion dollars and global systemwide sales of more than ten billion […]


Berkshire Hathaway an Enduring Investment

Berkshire Hathaway an Enduring Investment The economy is about to go into a recession and cash is king  Berkshire Hathaway is well positioned with the companies it owns to power through a recession  Warren Buffett has a 100 Billion to buy equities when the recession hits and its primary business will continue to perform even in an economic […]